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Genesis GV80: Winner of 2020 Good Design® Award

November 11, 2020

Since its launch in November 2020, the GENESIS GV80, which is the luxury brand’s first SUV vehicle, has found great popularity in the Kuwaiti market. Its luxurious design, unique features and unprecedented sporty elegance reinforces GENESIS’ leading role in this category of cars.

Luxuriously Spacious

GV80’s interior is accentuated by an elegant design of air vents that pass through the passenger compartment. In addition, the car’s 14.5-inch infotainment system is divided into two parts at the front and top center of the dashboard. Furthermore, the number of buttons and keys have been reduced to a minimum, both for aesthetic purposes and for ease of use.

Instead of complicated keyboard input, the handwriting recognition features of the GENESIS touch controller make it easier and faster to set settings and enter navigation information through.

Convenience and Comfort

The GV80 features active road noise control. This system feature is applied to detect tire vibration produced by the surface of the road and noise transmitted to the passenger compartment, and generates anti-phase sound waves in response through the vehicle’s speakers, thereby reducing the noise and maintaining maximum tranquility.

Another impressive feature in the GENESIS GV80 is its ergonomic ERGO Motion Seats with 7 air pouches that offer the ultimate in seating comfort while driving. In addition, it has power and ventilated second row seats. The comfort adjustment functions, including power second row seats (for reclining, sliding, and tilting), one-touch relax, and power folding seats offer 2nd row passengers a level of comfort close to that of a luxury sedan.

Powertrain Innovation for Versatility to go Anywhere

The GV80 uses an optimized new platform for rear-wheel drive SUVs that incorporates a new suspension structure which provides ultimate driving performance whereby four-wheel is optional. GENESIS GV80 offers an elegant and athletic premium SUV experience through a comfortable and balanced driving experience with a more powerful, high-performance engine (gasoline 3.5 turbo with a maximum torque of 54.0 kg-m).

GV80 has an electronically controlled suspension with road preview system that recognizes the surface conditions of the road ahead through a front-facing camera and controls the suspension to optimize for such conditions to ensure the ultimate in driving comfort and safety.

Ensuring the Highest Level of Safety

As with all Genesis vehicles, GV80 delivers an unparalleled level of standard active safety systems, underlining the brand's engineering commitment to occupant safety and comfort at all times.

GENESIS GV80 analyzes current driving conditions automatically and offers maximum safety and the ultimate driving experience through an active driver assistance system.

  • Smart Cruise Control with Driver Patterns Incorporated:
    The cruise control system, powered by machine learning, picks up on the driving behaviors of the driver and controls the vehicle in a manner similar to the driver once the cruise control is activated.

  • Forward Collision Prevention Assist:
    This system detects vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists in front of the vehicle and alerts the driver of a potential collision. Additionally, the system activates the brakes if a collision is likely to occur.

  • Surround view monitor:
    Cameras provide the driver with a 360-degree 3D view of the surroundings and other images to facilitate safe parking.

  • 10 airbags, including GENESIS’ first center side airbag and driver and front passenger airbags.

  • Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Prevention Assist:
    This system monitors the areas to the left and right when the vehicle reverses and alerts the driver of any approaching traffic on either side and applies the brakes, if necessary, to avoid a collision.

  • Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist:
    In a range of scenarios including when another vehicle is changing lanes towards you, when they are approaching from the rear or when you attempt to change lanes, the GV80 is monitoring your blind spot and may take evasive steering or braking to potentially save you from a collision.

  • Driver Attention Alert:
    A built-in interior camera and sensors ensure safety by monitoring the driver’s line of vision and if the driver is deemed to have taken his or her eyes off the road, the system alerts the driver by sounding an alarm with a warning message on the cluster display.

The Next Generation of Comfort

The GV80 adheres to GENESIS’ commitment to offering extensive service and comfort, using pioneering remote control technology.

Genesis GV80 offers an outstanding driving experience characterized by comfort and pleasure through high-tech comfort features, such as creating an ideal environment for enjoying entertainment and receiving information through the latest artificial intelligence technologies, connected car technologies and an innovative air conditioning system.

For more information, please visit GENESIS’ showroom in Shuwaikh or call 1808444 or visit one of GENESIS’ social media pages @GenesisKuwait