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Group CEO's Message


Dear Visitor,

Northern Gulf Trading Company was founded in Kuwait in 1976. Since then, our business has developed alongside our country, and we have played a key role in driving Kuwait’s automotive industry forward.

Now, nearly fifty years later, we are well established as leaders in our country’s automotive market and proud to be the local agent of such world-leading brands as Hyundai, Genesis, Golden Dragon, Hyundai Commercial Vehicles, Kenworth, Hertz, Dollar, and Thrifty.

Our success is built on our vision and values. At NGT, we are committed to always meeting our customers’ needs. To achieve that, we invest in the highest quality staff, push for self-improvement, take responsibility for our actions, and give back to our community. All our team members focus on giving our customers the best experience at every stage of their journey with us.

Top-quality customer care will always be at the heart of our business. But to stay successful in the modern world, we also must embrace change and new technology. So, we encourage innovative thinking and integrate cutting-edge practices to prepare for the challenges of the future in line with the strategic goals of Kuwait’s Vision 2035.

One of the key parts of Vision 2035 is environmental sustainability, which is a big challenge the automotive industry must face to help secure our future as countries across the Gulf diversify away from oil. That’s why at NGT we are investing in our infrastructure to make sure that we are pioneering leaders of the shift to electric and hybrid vehicles in Kuwait.

Our investment in the future includes spending over US$100 million on our people, facilities, and innovation projects. That will help us maintain the highest quality customer experience, secure more success, and increase the value of our company even further so we can stay at the front of Kuwait’s automotive industry. Our new Hyundai showroom is a state-of-the-art facility that is a symbol of our success to date and our increasing value as we prepare for the future.

Our ongoing dedication to customer service is directed at providing you with the best experience possible. We aim to constantly challenge ourselves to reach new possibilities to make your journey with us more worthwhile, all of which is possible because of you.

It is hard to predict what the next fifty years will look like, but our commitment to our customers, staff, and shareholders means that NGT will continue to thrive. Whatever the future holds, we will always continue to innovate, find new ways to be environmentally sustainable, and provide the top-quality service that is our hallmark.

Thank you for your interest in NGT. I look forward to our journey together.

Raed Turjuman

Group CEO