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Group CEO's Message


Dear Visitor,

It is with my utmost pleasure that I welcome you to the launch of our new and improved state-of-the-art website which has been updated to provide a superior user-friendly experience, and improved navigation and functionality.

Our new site facilitates sharing like never before and offers a content-rich experience that tells you all you need to know about our company and our services.

We take pride in our solid reputation in the marketplace that has been possible because of our objective of investing in our people. This has been integral throughout the current digital transformation.

We see that human capital encompasses knowledge, skills and know-how which helps relate to our goals and make our organization a competitive powerhouse.

Our employees have a lot of insight that help improve the quality of service and enhance communication. We believe that creating opportunities will empower employees to meaningfully and measurably invest in themselves in ways that generate professional development, achievement and value for the organization.

We at Northern Gulf Trading Group have made noticeable success and accomplishments on all levels, especially in customer service and after sales services. We are constantly devoting our efforts to meet your needs and requirements. Our growth is attributed primarily to the trust of our customers and their satisfaction in regards to our service and care.

Our ongoing dedication to customer service is directed at providing you with the best experience possible. We aim to constantly challenge ourselves to reach new possibilities to make your journey with us more worthwhile, all of which is possible because of you.

We at Northern Gulf Trading Group are cognizant of the importance of acquiring digital systems and practices, now and for the foreseeable future, in order to adapt to consumers’ evolving trends and expectations. Our aim is to improve marketing solutions and adopt new technologies and campaigns that enable digital transformation and marketing. We need to use technology and digitalization to transform our business and improve customer experience. We strive to constantly challenge ourselves to reach new possibilities to make your journey with us worthwhile, all of which is possible because of you. Your valuable feedback has helped propel us forwards to continuously improve our standards in order to maintain our leading market position.

We are aware that digitalization is a key factor of increasing investment attractiveness and innovative development. Our focus towards digitalization and our investment in the development of innovative technologies has enabled us to compete in the current market. We believe that digital transformation can have a dramatic impact in many areas including quality, customer experience and employee engagement and in turn, lead to growth.

We are delighted to turn this virtual experience into a reality by welcoming you to our showroom in order to better meet all your requirements whilst ensuring your utmost satisfaction.

To help serve you better, we have translated our physical efforts into an online platform that will suit our valuable customers. In this interactive and friendly website, you can browse through our extensive and attractive selection of cars, register for a test drive, and receive updated information regarding special deals and promotions.

We at Northern Gulf Trading Group hope you have an enjoyable experience with us and thank you for your trust and loyalty.

Raed Turjuman

Group CEO