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Northern Gulf Trading | About Us
About Northern Gulf Trading Group

Northern Gulf Trading Group was established in 1976. Since its inception, it has secured its title as one of the best car distributors. The many successes have permitted the company to continue to be the sole authorized dealer of Hyundai Motors in Kuwait for all types of vehicles in various commercial sectors that encompasses trucks and buses. As a result of its continuous achievements, Hyundai Motors is regarded as the Korean giant that is a strong competitor in the industry ranked as the fifth largest car manufacturer in the world up until 2016.

Northern Gulf Trading Group strongly focuses its efforts on activities in the fields of sales, car services, leasing services, government contracts, tenders, including all other sectors related to cars.

Adding an elegant flavor to the mix, Northern Gulf Trading Group was recently bestowed the honor of being the exclusive authorized dealer for the Genesis brand that appeals to an affluent target audience who enjoys the experience of luxury cars.

In addition, Northern Gulf Trading Group has been selected as Kuwait’s exclusive agent for Kenworth for heavy trucks and golden dragon Bus. The company has therefore confirmed its active presence in the Kuwaiti market through supplying a vast variety of multifunctional vehicles. The strength of its positioning is also reinforced by its own fleet that includes trucks, buses, and construction equipment, all of which are characterized by their practicality and advanced technology that provides customers with integrated solutions via effective performance and competitive prices.

Northern Gulf Trading Group also owns the rights to Hertz Car Rental franchise and Dollar Thrifty a leading car rental company through Transworld Company that is part of the group. Having Hertz adds great value due to the extensive experience it offers of up to 100 years in the field of car rental. In addition, it is a vastly widespread company with more than 8,000 locations across Kuwait, the Middle East, and the world.

The employees form the wide array of talents that help Northern Gulf Trading Group thrive. Through the efforts of over 400 experienced and specialized individuals, the company continues to flourish through achieving their vision and goal of delivering the highest quality and service.

One of the many accomplishments of the company is its ability to set an example for others. Its strength exists in its constant abidance of the laws of the State of Kuwait and its ongoing success in maintaining international standards in terms of employees’ expertise across all departments this has received high recognition whereby Northern Gulf Trading Group has received the reputable Quality Management ISO certification 9001:2015


To consistently be an industry leader in providing unmatched quality and to always exceed customers’ expectations whilst maintaining lifetime loyalty.


To constantly meet customers’ changing needs and to continue to provide an atmosphere that encourages our valued employees to achieve this through integrity, teamwork, and excellence.



The Value of Our People

We appreciate and respect each and every one of our employees and believe that our success lays in the hands of each dedicated individual.

The Value of Giving Back

We believe in actively giving back to the community as a gesture of appreciation for their loyalty that defines our success.

The Value of Self-Improvement

We strive to consistently improve ourselves and to encourage personal, professional, and organizational growth so that we can continue to inspire each other every day.

The Value of Responsibility

We realize that we are responsible to satisfy the requirements of our customers and endeavour to overcome obstacles so that we excel in providing the best products and services in the market.